Breacher a posted Aug 12, 16

The fight for Azeroth is upon us!!!

Time to dust off the armor, sharpen the weapons and prepare to take over the world.   Oops,  I meant save the world. Again.   This forum is there so you can let others know what you are leaning towards playing/maining in legion and if you are wanting to raid.  What spec and class would be nice.    I realize many will change thier minds before then so this is truly just a rough draft to see what the interest is.  Thank you for your time and hope to see you there.        

MEMBERS OF ABSOLUTION!!!  With the Legion upon us and these boards being refreshed, please check in with a comment below letting us know you are alive and what you are looking forward to with Legion.  Raiders please also check into the Legion Raiding forums.

8/12/2016 EDIT: - Please excuse the mess as we work to update and clean up the website in advance of the Legion.

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